Unexpected Relief: Alleviating Digestive Inflammation 

 September 29, 2020

By  Dr. Amanda B. Austin

How chiropractic care helped one woman find pain relief while avoiding medication

Will I ever be normal again?” Those were the words that crossed Joann’s mind everyday. Joann was suffering from severe abdominal pain and digestive issues that had taken over her life. Unable to eat normally or spend time with her family without pain, Joann sought treatment.

Knowing her brother was treated for diverticulitis, her physician recognized the same symptoms in Joann. However, Joann is averse to many medicines and decided to avoid surgery and traditional medicine.

Although practicing a liquid diet provided some relief, the pain remained. “When it became unbearable in May 2020, I prayed for a doctor who could help without surgery or drugs,” Joann shared. “Then my friend mentioned Dr. Austin at Tri-State Clinic North.”

Joann was skeptical that chiropractic care would alleviate her symptoms, but Dr. Austin explained

Dr. Austin is informative, caring and encouraging. She is my answered prayer,”

diverticulitis symptoms are caused by inflammation in the body, which chiropractors help eliminate. After just one adjustment, Joann’s doubt disappeared.

“I could feel tingling all over my body,” Joann explained. “Dr. Austin explained that nerves to my digestive system had been blocked due to inflatmation, and adjustments would help blood flow. She was right.”

Just three weeks into her established care plan at Tri-State, her pain reduced. “My mental attitude changed, and I became more hopeful,” she said. “It feels good to eat and enjoy meals, and to be a grandma who can have fun without pain.

“Dr. Austin is informative, caring and encouraging. She both prayed for me and became my answered prayer,” Joann concluded. “Thanks to Dr. Austin, I can finally lead a normal life.”


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Dr. Amanda B. Austin

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Dr. Amanda B. Austin

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