Overcoming the Odds to Stay Active 

 February 26, 2021

By  Dr. Amanda B. Austin

lumbago chiropractic

A day of golf goes wrong, but the road to recovery leads to a half marathon and allergy relief

Nothing was unordinary about Ty Krug’s golf game until suddenly, he was on the ground. A lower back injury caused his spine to lock with immense pain. Although he healed quickly, six months later Ty found himself back on the ground, this time with more pain. Seeking non-surgical care, Ty decided to visit Tri-State Clinic North.

“I was nervous and skeptical that chiropractic would be able to improve my situation,” Ty admitted. “But Dr. Austin took the time to get to know me and proactively develop a care plan. I knew that she was going to be intentional through every step of the process.”

Within the first few weeks, Ty’s back began to improve. His flexibility increased, his pain frequency decreased, and he even began sleeping better. As time passed, Ty noticed something even more impressive: He hadn’t needed to take his allergy medication for months.

“I’ve always struggled with severe seasonal allergies, but I had no idea chiropractic could virtually erase them,” Ty explained. “Occasionally when my sinuses are bothering me, I’ll stop in to see Dr. Austin. By the time I leave the parking lot, my symptoms are gone!”

When Ty first injured his back, he was warned that he may never be as active as he once was. Through the careful treatment by Dr. Austin, Ty is back on the golf course, hitting the gym and even recently completed a half marathon. “

Dr. Austin is full of expertise, and she truly cares about your wellbeing,” Ty said. “Chiropractic benefits are from head to toe, and my life has completely returned to normal. I feel better than ever before.”

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Dr. Amanda B. Austin

I help people from Chattanooga and surrounding areas overcome pain from health-related problems in 90 days or less without drugs or surgery so they can experience greater health.

Dr. Amanda B. Austin

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