A Healthier Family, A Happier Life 

 July 2, 2021

By  Dr. Amanda B. Austin

Nothing is more important than providing your family with a wellness plan that allows everyone to live a fuller life.

Crystal’s Story:

From the moment Crystal Cadieux discovered she was expecting her second child, she wanted nothing more than for her baby to be happy and healthy. She knew exactly who to turn to for the best care, Dr. Austin at Tri-State Clinic North Chiropractic. 

Crystal has been treated by Dr. Austin since 2012 and has always found relief for symptoms ranging from ankle pain to sinuses. But this time Dr. Austin created a new treatment plan for Crystal during her pregnancy to address discomfort that came while she was carrying the baby. As the baby grows – sometimes it causes the expectant mother’s spine and joints to misalign, resulting in pain and lack of sleep. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can improve and help maintain the balance in the spine and pelvis. 

Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Crystal experienced pain in her lower spine due to trauma created by the epidural injection, a problem Dr. Austin has helped many times. 

Soon after birth, Brooklyn suffered from colic, constipation and gas. She was constantly fussy and sleepless. Crystal shared this with Dr. Austin during Brooklyn’s infant chiropractic care. Dr. Austin discovered Brooklyn had upper cervical subluxation (swelling and spine misalignment).

“The actual birthing process, especially traumatic births, can cause serious issues for the infant such as colic, breathing difficulties, chronic illness, asthma, ear infections and nursing difficulties,” says Dr. Austin. “Correcting subluxation is crucial in allowing a child’s nervous system to function and develop properly” she explains. 

Because of Dr. Austin’s wellness promoting chiropractic care, Brooklyn has never run a fever. In 8 months she’s lived through two flu seasons and hasn’t been sick once.

“Brooklyn is thriving,” said Crystal. “Her improved wellness and happiness has brought me so much joy.” 

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Dr. Amanda B. Austin

I help people from Chattanooga and surrounding areas overcome pain from health-related problems in 90 days or less without drugs or surgery so they can experience greater health.

Dr. Amanda B. Austin

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