“Following the recommended care plan, my stiffness and soreness from arthritis have decreased. This has enabled me to be pain-free with no cortisone injections, medications or surgery! My digestive tract has improved, my headaches have ceased. I’m more relaxed and able to sleep soundly throughout the night, my asthma symptoms are less, and my blood pressure is back to normal. She has even helped ease my carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and heel spurs pain.” — Candace T., Chattanooga, TN

“Dr. Amanda Austin has been treating me for about four months and I am overwhelmed by the progress. I don’t have to take anything for pain not even sinus headache (she worked on that, too!) The shoulder pain is gone. Just moving, bending, swimming, hugging, driving in short, everyday living is easier and painless! Thank God for leading me to Dr. Austin.” — Cynthia B., Chattanooga, TN

BrainCore Success Stories

“My son Daniel is fifteen. He has been diagnosed as having ADHA, Asperger’s and learning disabilities including memory issues and written communication issues. He has been tested and is very smart with an above average IQ but he has historically had a hard time getting information in and out of his brain. He has struggled with school since he began in pre-kindergarten ( and he is about to enter 9th grade). He has also always struggled with social behavior and relationships. We had to start homeschooling him in the middle of fifth grade. Last year, he had to drop middle school math in the middle of the year since he just couldn’t get it.

We have tried many things over the years – Neuronet, medication, tutoring, reduced assignments, modifications at school, and much more. All were met with limited success.

We just completed the basic course of Braincore this spring. The results for Daniel continue to surprise us. He had a hard time sleeping and staying on a schedule – his brain seemed to have no sense of time – now he finds it much easier to sleep and stay on schedule. He had a lot of trouble focusing and I was nervous about him driving but he is turning out to be an excellent driver. He took an online digital art class this summer and, normally, I would have had to sit beside him to keep him focused while he read the lessons, did the homework, answered the questions, and took the quizzes.

He completed this class almost totally by himself, stayed focused, worked really hard and didn’t give up and made an A!!!

I was SO thankful. In the past, that kind of independence and focus would have been unheard of! He took a web design class for middle and high school students this summer ( for a week ) and did very well and was able to get along with the other students. The last time we did a class like this, he had to call me halfway through the first day and asked to go home and never come back. This time, not only could he handle the workload, but he did well with the social aspects also!

We now feel brave enough to attempt high school Biology and Literature & Composition next year. We also plan to spend some time catching up on math. I can’t wait to see how he does with Math considering the rough time he had with it last fall – before Braincore.” — Brooke Marsh

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